Draft compo info

This year the North London Literary Festival will be running two competitions.

Open Mike.(poetry?)
There are a limited number of slots so please register early.  registration on the day for a 3 minute pot.  registration closes at …….
Your submission must be original and the winner(s?) will have there work checked.  You may speak on any subject. Judges will be from the literary world and judges decisions are final.
First Prize


Please send entries to (email@whoever.what?)

First Prize  (whatever plus nix book signed)
second prize (something plus nix book signed
Third prize (nix book signed)

Rules (please read carefully)

All entrants must be residing the the united kingdom.
All entrants must be unpublished authors.
Entries must be 500 words in length,( including the title),or less (you may go over by up to 50 words if absolutely necessary  however it will be may count against you in a tie break situation.
Submissions must be made by midnight on (two days before). The winners will be announced at the festivals keynote.
All entries must be original  (no fan fiction)
All entries must be a work of fiction (no biographies, life writing or personal accounts.)
You agree that you retain the copyright to your work but that by submitting it you are agreeing to Middlesex University being able to use it for promotional purposes in perpetuity. (or a term of 5 years?)
Please provide your name. postal address. email address. and two sentences about you.
If the entry is by someone under 16 please than the parent or guardians address and email address should be used.  If under 16 please state on the work the age of the writer.

Good luck and enjoy yourself.