Writing the city

Well this ‘blog’ will be the dumping ground for all the mirriad ideas for my ‘travelogue’   ok…  ideas are not coming thick and fast just now

I will probably include the poem ‘bury lodge gardens’ i could re-title it ‘regents park’ and it would be as truthful, but though bury lodge gardens are out in Edmonton its still London.

my initial idea (and still fave) is to do 10 poems.

for Camden i was thinking of doing an ‘etherie’ (a poem starting with a single sylabul on line one and increasing each line to 10 on line 10) or a variation of it.
but today’s Camden makes me so mad. I could happily write a small essay (well… not essay… more a rant ) about it.

This picture I might include (or a version of if i can find someone to do it well)
its my idea and really all i have to say about the shard (i love it.  its beautifull, but its totaly unnecessary.


Other then these ideas i guess im going to have to see.  i would love to write something about the natural history museum. its architecturally awesome.  its beautiful. its exhibits and thought provoking.  but is it to… done?

I will keep this page updated as ideas come together.  but that’s pretty much it for now.

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