Bury Lodge Gardens

By Constantine

A single cloud splits the pale blue sky.
The gentle breeze has dropped now to a sigh.
In the shade, the temperature rises,
and the world seems to slow down its pace.

Here in the park, a friendly burble rises.
Languages are diverse but full of joy.
Children run and play simplistic games,
as two generations look on smiling.

An English dream, borne out by immigrants,
from a far of ‘eastern European’ land.
My heart rises up in salute to them,
who choose to use their time in such a way.

Am I jealous of their strong family ties?
If so, it’s better that I sit and write,
and remember in the hope of a future,
where I can do the same. In the meantime…

A single magpie hops around in circles,
but no sorrow can I feel in any way.
The sun is shining on this wondrous garden.
I’ll take my sweetheart’s hand and bless the day.

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