Cracked Foundation: Preface

This body of work attempts to look beneath the cracked foundation which paints London like a cheap whore.
The ‘Tourist Gaze’ is designed, by its nature, to keep visitors to our city pre-occupied with spectacle; and thus blind to what is really happening. In this Travelogue, I attempt to use the spectacle to highlight those very things it is supposed to hide, and also to express my own love/hate relationship with the city through poetic verse.

Bury Lodge Gardens:
I wrote this to highlight the beauty of the place itself and also those who make use of it. These are very people who are often vilified by English newspapers and right-wing politics.

This is Camden:
A town has become a victim of its own success. By catering to the niche and to the subculture, the subculture has itself become mainstream.  Now? well the poem says it all.

Hammersmith Bridge:
My attempt to paint the experience of being one of London’s homeless.  It is written from my own first-hand experience.

Buck House:
This highlights a hypocrisy which is as obvious as the building itself.  It has been suggested that this piece might be too political. However, it stands here as I would wish every tourist to view this spectacle to see it through these eyes.

Kings Cross:
It is a place that has seen much change and gentrification in the last 20 years.  This poem examines those changes for good and ill.

Charting the course of the waterway which gave birth to London, from whence it came and how it almost mirrors our own flow of consciousness.

There are also several ‘adverts’ which may merely poke fun, I shall leave that to you.

Lastly, we come to Elise Lecamp’s ‘Love and beers’. This gets a whole preface of its own so… see you there.


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