And now… The end is near.

Friends, classmates, tutor’s, lend me your ears and let me tell you a tale of woe.

This then is the lesson of this module. ‘Writing hurts’; in fact it sucks big time. My intended final piece was not in actual fact my final piece. I bowed to opinion and threw it out.  I still think the premise has some small merit and will put it in a draw to be looked at later. However faced with the uphill struggle of trying to make it work. I binned it.  Choosing instead a piece which had already had 3 or 4 drafts (I do not now recall.)

The piece was an idea I pitched to a friend who is studying directing. She liked the idea but wasn’t happy with my early drafts and decided to go with something else.  This it turns out was lucky for me, as had she gone with it I would have been unable to use it.

The original premise was simply this.  In the graphic novel ‘the killing joke’ (DC COMICS 1988) Which was written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland.
At one point, the character of ‘The Joker’ claims that we are all ‘one bad day away from insanity’, in fact, this idea is the driving point of the story. The Batman naturally arguing that it is not so.

I began to wonder, “ok if it were possible for one bad  day to drive someone insane, what would that day look like, and how can I show it in 10 pages.”

The answer was of course that the character would have to lose everything.

over the course of 10 drafts is all I changed the beginning. the ending, the characters gender, sexual orientation,  changed the ending back again.  added a pregnancy, removed characters, and finally at the behest of my tutor had a think about genre. that’s when the final ending fell into place.  The final script is a psychological thriller if it’s anything. and I’m rather proud of it.

But… 10 drafts and I have yet to write my critical analysis.  let me reiterate.  Writing hurts.

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