Screenwriting: The short film Part one. first impressions.

This blog is an attempt to chart the learning processes, challenges, success, failures and thought processes of my voyage through this module. It should be (So I am told,) professional.  However, one of my greatest difficulties when it comes to academia is professionalism. I am a creative writer, and my style is a relaxed one. Essays are for me a perplexing thing and at the time of writing, this first blog is seeming more of a challenge than anything I have done in the last 3 years at university.  How should I start?  giving some background information?  why I’m here, why you’re reading this? I have no clear idea. Well, at least let us start with this module.  Screenwriting: The short film. Am I interested in making films? not at all.  I care not a jot what location might be found, how the lighting is done, what actors are chosen or any other of the myriad decisions facing filmmakers. I don’t  even care if someone else comes in to modify a script I have carefully penned. or if I’m asked to do a last minute re-write of something penned by someone else. All that matters is the writing. As I enter this module I maybe have something over my fellow students.  My life experience for one, another is that last year I was asked to write on another student’s project. It is an experience I loved. I must have given her at least four different drafts, each one adjusted to fit her vision of the film she wished to make and even after the last revision was submitted there were some last minute changes made on the day by someone else. (which I found a joy to watch). That for me is why I’m here. To learn techniques, to find my voice and to just write. But the idea of noting my learning process in a ‘professional looking blog’ is something beyond my expectations.  indeed to me ‘professional blog’ is an oxymoron. Those doubts aside the course looks to be a good one. I look forward to really getting to grips with the formatting and style. Also, as I progress I come to a logical conclusion that I have a clear decision to make with my degree course. I can try to get the best degree I can, by striving to give what is wanted against my artistic instincts. OR…  I can worry less about how ‘good’ my degree is and use it as an opportunity to NOT play it safe, to try new things. gauge reactions and ultimately to leave university with an average degree but be a better writer for it. I’m 41 now.  even if I could manage to leave with a first (in reality a 2:1 is realistically the best I could hope for)  what would I do with it? Surely it’s how good a writer I leave university compared to how I started that should really be the benchmark of my success.

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